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Love for Resilience

  Life happens. Difficulties sneak in through the blind spots. Relationships are strained by difficult circumstances. Division creeps in and deteriorates relationships, energy, and emotions. With each trial, the door into fear is opened, enticing us to focus on negative possibilities. It can be paralyzing. Once the door is open, we have a choice. We…

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Second Hand Stress

When someone has an anger problem, it’s viewed as socially inacceptable. Perhaps counseling is in order. The same goes for someone that is obese, struggling with substances, smoking or nail biting. Each is a symptom of an emotionally based habit stemming from an imbalance. Habits are choices, no matter the circumstances. We choose to indulge…

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Squeaky Doors

I’m a noticer. I notice the nuances of life that most others wouldn’t pay any attention to. I think the nuances of one’s life speak volumes about character, habits, desires and fears. When I visit someone’s home and notice a squeaky door or something of that nature, I think to myself “ok, someone please find…

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