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The Sacred Flow of Life

In July of 2014, after almost ten years of living in East Africa between Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, we decided it was time to reevaluate our geographic location. Africa has been a prevalent aspect of my life since I was just a child, and after a decade of living and working there, it has become…

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What Will Be My Life

In March 2006, I dropped everything in Nashville (TN) and moved to Kigali, Rwanda to pursue my dream of developing businesses that would foster an image of beauty and excellence for Africa. About two weeks into it, I met Francois Murengerantwari. He was an 11 year old street kid, selling some odds and ends at…

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Let Him Find You Working

In Pastor Terry’s inspirational book TEN, he discusses the importance of audacity and how God created us to “Be an Actor”. As a lifelong philanthropist living in East Africa, I can certainly attest to the validity of this dynamic. God did not put us on this earth simply to bide our time until we go…

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Everything Is Good For You

People so often become paralyzed by their failures. However, I don’t view these instances as “failures” at all, but rather “necessary steps to my success”. It’s not in the moments of abundance or joy that our character is strengthened. It’s the moments when we overcome obstacles and recover from perceived failures that free our souls…

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It’s About Dignity

I wanted to build businesses in Africa because I knew it could help generate a sustainable income. It could free them from dependency on donors and connect them to the same market that allows the western world to thrive economically. I picked the fashion industry above all others because it exemplifies sustainability in its resilience…

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Kicking Off The Training Wheels

Four years ago we set out to build businesses in Africa for poverty stricken women. We had three major goals. Create locally (African) owned businesses that provide lucrative careers, resulting in income and dignity. Set a higher standard and example of a quality products and a preferred brand. To do it all so well that…

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