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Squeaky Doors

I’m a noticer. I notice the nuances of life that most others wouldn’t pay any attention to. I think the nuances of one’s life speak volumes about character, habits, desires and fears. When I visit someone’s home and notice a squeaky door or something of that nature, I think to myself “ok, someone please find…

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Sweet Discipline

I believe that most anything worth having or achieving typically comes as a result of discipline. I work out daily because I want my body to perform optimally. Optimal performance helps me achieve the things I believe are most important. When I was learning Kinyarwanda, I disciplined myself to speak it when it was much…

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The Worldview Space

After five years of living in East Africa, I understand more than ever, the power of a balanced perspective. When I operate from this perspective, I incorporate much more of humanity into my decisions, as opposed to just my particular needs or desires. Our perspective directly affects our attitude, and more specifically, our default settings.…

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