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Let Love Rule | An Account of Activism

  What exactly does it mean to be an activist? I don’t believe there is any hard and fast definition or expectation. What I am describing here is a lifestyle of activism, largely because that is what it has always been for me. But anyone can be an activist, no matter your cause or the…

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Excuse Me, Your Style Is Speaking

We say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and that certainly makes sense. The same phenomenon applies to fashion. We don’t always feel comfortable talking to strangers in places where people congregate, such as  nightclubs, coffee shops or on public transportation. But it’s to be expected that you will see cliques of people similarly…

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It’s About Dignity

I wanted to build businesses in Africa because I knew it could help generate a sustainable income. It could free them from dependency on donors and connect them to the same market that allows the western world to thrive economically. I picked the fashion industry above all others because it exemplifies sustainability in its resilience…

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