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The Empathetic Civilization

The Empathetic Civilization The topic of economics is always on my mind. It’s what makes the world go round. Each country has its own economic agreement. Developed nations all utilize some form of Capitalism. The US has its own brand of “American Capitalism” that sets it apart from other developed nations. About 60 years ago, we left…

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The Space of Possibility

We like to plan things. We analyze and strategize until it’s safe enough, comfortable enough, responsible enough and socially acceptable. Finally, we have the perfect plan. Then we run it by friends and gauge their reaction. If all goes well, we execute. As a brand developer and activist, I’m constantly analyzing and searching for root…

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You Can’t Calculate Enlightenment

Life should be cherished and experienced, not measured. We spend so much of our lives measuring what we’ve done, how good it was, if we met the goal and so on. Our “status” has become a quantifiable algorithm ranked by how many followers, impressions, and likes we have in our social networks. People still crave…

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A Dynamic Duo

I’ve been writing a lot about celebrity philanthropy lately. Suffice it to say, it has been the topic of many conversations lately amongst friends here in Kenya. I’m a supporter of celebrity philanthropy. When a celebrity uses their power to support a great organization, cause or campaign, I consider that a success for mankind. There…

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