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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told I’ve had the privilege of meeting some real-life heroes over the years through my Africa, Coast Rica, and US travels. One of those heroes is Chrissie Lam, founder of the Love Is Project and The Supply Change. It all started in 2012 with a simple LOVE bracelet project collaboration with the Masaai in Kenya.…

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Write A Story Worth Telling

We’ve all contemplated the questions, “what is life about” and “why are we here”. I contemplate them daily. There’s almost a gravitational pull towards letting life get away from us. Life tends to live us, rather than the other way around. But we all have an opportunity to paint a beautiful picture on the canvas…

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What Does Your Trail Look Like?

Relationships are what I care about most. I believe relationships are most profoundly influenced by your level of care. It’s how others experience you. I talk to Francois (our son) quite often about his reputation, and his trail. How do people experience you? What do they remember about you? What is your story to the…

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