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The Sacred Flow of Life

In July of 2014, after almost ten years of living in East Africa between Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, we decided it was time to reevaluate our geographic location. Africa has been a prevalent aspect of my life since I was just a child, and after a decade of living and working there, it has become…

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Clear Eyes & Open Hearts

In 2006, I gave away everything I owned, left my partnership at the private equity firm and transplanted myself to Rwanda. I wanted to reinvent myself through new experiences and become more of who I wanted to be. To say that my time in East Africa {Rwanda, DRC, Uganda, Kenya} involved some difficult times would…

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Just Keep Giving

Philanthropy is messy. It’s rare that you achieve exactly what you set out to accomplish. The process often involves a lot of frustration, tears, frustration and lack of resolve. Let’s face it; changing the world is no walk in the park. And if you’re dealing with people, it’s likely they may not be grateful for…

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Insight On KONY 2012

For anyone looking for insight on the film KONY 2012, by Invisible Children, I’d like to steer you towards my good friend James Pearson’s blog post. James has been operating in Uganda for many years an I consider him an expert on that area. I also consider him to be among the wisest men I…

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