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Taking Our Holidays Back

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays have exponentially grown to revolve around consumerism and excessive behavior. We feel we have an obligation, rather than an opportunity to give. This leads to stress, resentment and spending beyond one’s means. That may be about as far removed from the original purpose of these holidays…

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Embracing the Gray

Society constantly pushes us to simplify life down to black and white terms. But I’ve found that the much of the beauty of life is discovered in the gray areas. Those areas that teach us, refine us and reveal who we really are. It’s where we find our character and what we’re made of. It’s…

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The Wrong System

Society, as we know it, has almost always been based on a capitalistic foundation. Money is at the center of it all. It is interesting to me that the most paramount aspect of our society is man made. It’s not natural at all. Man created currency as a way to control other men, and somehow…

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