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The Beautiful Things

I am diligent about being aware and in tune with my surroundings. I appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed. I take time to “smell the roses” and listen to the world around me. But every now and then, something hits me from out of the blue; something so magnificent and beautiful it causes me to pause and really soak it in.

I was recently at a concert where the ten piece band played with such extreme emotion that it whisked me away into one of the surreal places. Music has always been a very soulful experience for me; it moves me.

While standing there swaying and watching the images of art and beauty projected on the wall, I drifted away, basking in the beauty of sound and unity amongst the crowd. We were one, if for only a couple hours.

I reflected on the beautiful things in my life. Not just the images, but the experiences, like that all encompassing feeling of love I feel when I see my wife at the airport after being away for a few days. That surreal moment of sitting on Lake Kivu (Congo) with friends, watching the red glow of an 18,000 foot volcano flanked by the full moon over the lake.

There are times when I physically feel the intensity of God’s beauty and power around me. It’s always there, always available. And no matter how often it happens, every now and then…POW. It hits me, and I’m in awe. I love that.

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