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The Caring Commodity

The act of caring should be a traded commodity. It’s the energy that drives any successful company or relationship.

If you care enough, you’ll do your best. If your care enough, you’ll realize from time to time that your best isn’t cutting it, so you’ll study more. You’ll learn from others that are operating at the level you believe you need to operate.

If you care enough, you won’t settle for anything less than excellence. You’ll make sure every detail is covered. You’ll ensure that relationships are handled with care because you know that is paramount to your success.

And of course the opposite is true as well. The lack of care always results in a deficit of all of the wonderful dynamics I’ve just listed above.

Someone should start a school that teaches people to care. Caring should represent the most extensive part of an interview process. Caring should be the thing we care about most.

Caring deeply typically results in a commitment to excellence. The more you care, the better your art.

If you care enough, you’ll figure everything else out and ensure that it happens. And if you don’t, you won’t.

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