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The Environmental Revolution Begins...

In my April 15th, 2019 interview with Joshua Spodek, we managed to encapsulate the essence of his message about the relationship between our values and our environmental impact. Joshua says, "the environmental revolution begins with joy". I bet you didn't see that one coming... 

I hope you'll listen to this episode. It has an important and liberating message for us all. Living by our values doesn't feel like suffering, it brings you joy. And Joshua has a brilliant method for helping us understand just how easy and enjoyable it can be. 


Check out Joshua's blog post HERE

Check out the Noetic website episode page with full show notes and player. 

Or, just look up the podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts (iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, etc.).

If you have thoughts on the relationship between your values and your environmental impact, I hope you'll share them with us below in the comments section. 

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