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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

I've had the privilege of meeting some real-life heroes over the years through my Africa, Coast Rica, and US travels. 

One of those heroes is Chrissie Lam, founder of the Love Is Project and The Supply Change. It all started in 2012 with a simple LOVE bracelet project collaboration with the Masaai in Kenya. And now it's turned into a global movement for love. Yes! 

Chrissie has an absolutely beautiful story, and it's blooming more every day. I encourage you to check out her work. It's important, and truly an exemplification of what it means to "be love". 

Her latest project is 7 years in the making and it's rolling out on Kickstarter right now. They are already in the second stage of funding with over $12,000 of their $30,000 goal in the first 29 days (of their 30-day campaign), through July 12th

Since starting the Love Is Project five years ago, I’ve heard thousands of love stories. Each one is unique, personal, and yet… so familiar. As I collected these stories, I realized I had the makings of an exceptional book. A book about romance, humor, family, triumph, and dreaming big.

The profiles of the people in this book give voice to positivity and humanize different cultures around the world. The book seeks to inspire readers to foster deeper, more meaningful connections—and to live their lives with hearts open

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told reveals how far love can take us all. 

I hope you'll help back their Kickstarter project to get this book published and out into the world. It's a beautiful piece of art, full of profound stories that will move your heart and bring you joy. 

Choose love! 


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