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The Wallaby - The Original Wallet Notebook by
The Wallaby - The Original Wallet Notebook by

The Miracle of Notes

We are surrounded by miracles, out there in the ether all around us. But we have to make space for them to bloom and show up in our lives. 

I’ve always been deliberate about taking notes. I keep a notebook ( and pen in my pocket because I don’t want to be distracted by my phone. I need the shortest distance between inception to capturing the thought. 

I’m very disciplined about reviewing, studying, and implementing those notes. That’s a vital aspect of my integration process. If they stay in a notebook, they have little value. But I have the opportunity to bring them to life simply by nurturing and integrating them. 

We all have that fleeting thought that we feel might be a game changer, or at least important. But then we get distracted, and it’s gone. I just step into that process, take a note, and make sure to capture it and integrate it into my life. 

Just like that, a miracle manifests, even if it just as simple as being a worthy investment in my perspective. 

I’ve captured thoughts in my notebooks that have fueled courses, podcast episodes, curriculums, etc. simply from my notes in these little notebooks. They were little bits of gold that I just collected from the cosmos. And I’m so grateful to have captured them. 

Use whatever method works for you. We all have the opportunity to honor the synergy and miracles of life by taking notes and creating a practice of integrating that wisdom into our lives. 

Take the time to honor the synergy in your lives that is just waiting for some attention. This is just another dynamic of mindfulness that we can leverage for our benefit. 

[I’ve tried lots of solutions, but the combined use of CR-Brand @wearecrbrand notebooks and @evernote is my magic formula.]


I created an IGTV video about this topic as well. 
Check it out and share it if they resonate with you. 

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