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The World Moves For Love

It is seldom I take the risk of penning my thoughts on the many facets of love. It is infinite in scope and influence. It is a state of mind. To treat someone with love is a choice, though loving someone may not seem to be.

In Latin, there is but one word to describe both justice and equality; aequitas. I cannot treat my neighbor as my equal if I do not first love him enough to do so. If I believe he is my equal, I cannot possibly treat him unjustly. Ubuntu is the culmination of justice and equality; the essence of love.

I believe love is at the center of all things good. It is love that enables us to experience justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Justice at its best is love correcting all that stands against love”. It is defeated only by its absence and victorious only through its presence. And the crescendo of this unparalleled and unbridled power is that it cannot be used for selfish dominion over another without defeating itself. This may be the mightiest of all earthly phenomenon we will experience here on earth.

Humanity has grown accustomed to believing a world driven by love is foolish and unattainable. Fear drives us, rather than love. But this is contrary to the core of our being. This is why we fight for love. This is why we yearn for it to overcome all that stands against it. It’s how we were created. Deep down, we believe in its power. “The world moves for love. It bows before it in awe.” This is the world I believe in.

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