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The Worldview Space

After five years of living in East Africa, I understand more than ever, the power of a balanced perspective. When I operate from this perspective, I incorporate much more of humanity into my decisions, as opposed to just my particular needs or desires.

Our perspective directly affects our attitude, and more specifically, our default settings. It’s easy to foster a habit of believing our individual circumstances are devastating and incapacitating. But when something goes wrong and we default to a worldview perspective, life seems a lot more manageable.

Remember the times when your perspective has been rocked because you heard of someone less fortunate overcoming outrageous circumstances? How did that affect your perspective?

Your perspective plays a pivotal role in the reality you create around you. It certainly deserves some deliberate attention. There’s something beautiful that happens during the transition from a myopic, self focused perspective, to one that incorporates a broader, more encompassing perspective. I call it the Worldview Space.

What if you lived in that space? What if it was your default?

Living in the worldview space prevents difficult circumstances from controlling our outlook on life. It empowers us to quickly and methodically overcome sadness, self-doubt, relationship issues, and just about anything else that would get us down.

When I’m faced with an extremely difficult situation, I reflect on the many others that suffer so much more than I could ever fathom. It’s the difference between feeling devastated and realizing the problem I’m facing is not so insurmountable after all.

That gives me a healthy balance, and a lot of inner peace.

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