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There Is A Purpose

We see atrocities every day. We incessantly discuss the topics of suffering and death, asking , “why does God allow these things to happen?” In our ignorance, we clamor for meaning. We grow jaded because we’ve fooled ourselves into believing we are capable of understanding the infinite complexities of life.

Those that have witnessed or experienced great suffering and tragedy are filled with questions and doubt. “What have I done to deserve this?” But this world is greater than you or I. We were created as humanity, not just as individuals. We are not fully human alone. Though much of the world rejects this concept, I do believe we were created for interdependence, for ubuntu.

Our actions have consequences, creating a ripple effect across the world greater than we could fathom. We are interconnected, whether we want to be or believe we are. Humanity has come to a majority agreement that every cause results in an effect. If this is so, wouldn’t this further imply that there is a purpose for it all?

It is our choice to believe that it is circumstantial or arbitrary, or that everything has a purpose. I do not find it possible to believe both. I do not believe in a God of chance.

I have come to believe two core truths:
1) There is purpose in everything; literally everything.
2) The outcome of that purpose is not dependent upon my understanding of it.

Truly believing this way is what enables me to not be crushed by the weight of the plight of humanity. It weighs heavy on my heart, but I believe there is a plan, and that I am operating on its behalf. Furthermore, I know I will not be dealt anything that I have not been equipped to endure. It is here that I find peace.

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