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This Must Be Faith

Most of my life has been so tumultuous and insane that the majority of people I meet can’t even fit it into their reality. There are a lot of things that just don’t make sense in the short term. I am a magnet for the ridiculous, the insane and often the supernatural.

Through the years, I’ve learned to view life as a lot more complex than moment to moment experiences. I believe everything has a purpose and the outcome is not dependent on my understanding. When I look through that “everything has purpose” lens, I am at peace with the fact that days, months or even years of experiences may play just a small role in a much more elaborate plan that I am not yet capable of fathoming.

These outlandish experiences are serving a purpose, somewhere in this universe. My experiences and time within those experiences may one day enlighten me to their purpose, or not. It really makes no difference to me. Maybe I’m playing a role in a much grander purpose that I will never fully comprehend. I’ve resolved that I am willing to serve a purpose even if I don’t understand it.

If the trials of life don’t build character, strength to endure, and faith in God’s omnipotence, what is it all for? What’s the point? I have the ability to choose to grow from it or let it beat me down and defeat me. It’s my choice. That’s our “free will”.

Life is often tragic, and contrary to the karmic belief that has comforted and compelled so much of society.  But my belief that it all has purpose gives me peace. It allows me to persist when all other logic tells me to throw in the towel. This must be faith.

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