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We Do What We Want

Most people want more money, more time, better relationships, to loose more weight, to work out more, to finally go on that trip to Africa, or whatever the case may be.

But when it comes to putting in the work, things change. We want the results of having a daily workout routine, but fail to discipline ourselves to do it. We want to travel the world, but not the work that leads to financial ability to do so.

For every excuse we have for not doing something, we can look back in history and find someone even more disadvantaged that did it anyway. Think of the Olympic athletes with prosthetic limbs, the Helen Kellers of the world, and so on. They wanted it, they believed and they chose to make it happen, no matter what.

We lock ourselves into imaginary boundaries from which we do not stray. Civilizations have done this since the beginning of humanity. But no matter where you come from, the education you never obtained, the family you never had, or the circumstances you are in, you can choose to follow your dreams. Just stop doing what you’ve always done and take steps in the direction you want to go.

From the way we treat people around us, to our careers, to our humanitarian endeavors, to our character, to our weight, it is a series of choices we make based on what is most important to us.

It’s a lot easier to just say, “that’s impossible” or “I don’t have enough money/education/time”. But I believe we all ultimately do exactly what we want to do; it’s just a matter of how badly we want it. And I don’t believe it’s any more complicated that that.

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  1. Terrisa on February 23, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    Hi there, Angazas! I figured that it’s entirely possible you LOVE TO KNOW when someone comes across your site and gets all kinds of chills and warm fuzzies, so I thought I’d buzz down here to the comments and let you know just that.

    I came across your site by way of Profitable Idealism, by way of The Middle Finger Project. I couldn’t be happier that I did and that I will be hearing from you as I take the upcoming PI webinars.

    I am new to the blogosphere and entrepreneurial world – should have been here a long time ago, but there’s that whole “we do what we want thing” – apparently I wanted different things for a while.

    Your mission struck a chord with me. I have been working hard to figure out what exactly my philanthropic pulse is and how to put it into action. Our means are slightly different and perhaps the manifestation of our visions, but one of your projects, KEZA resonates especially with me.

    My passion has to do with shedding light on the work of local artisans, and even in some cases learning their craft along with them. A talent search for artisans, of sorts. It will serve both the artisan AND the consumer through telling the PERSONAL STORY – as their almost always is one – behind a brand or product.

    It is great to see and know about the work you do and the brand you have begun and I hope to be in contact with you as I work to see my own vision grow and mature as yours has.

    Thank you for your inspiration.


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