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When Does Goodness End?

What if I write a book that enables poor people to start their own businesses and earn an income that provides for their family and I sell it for $15? Then I donate $5 from every sale to a fund that helps some of those businesses get off the ground.

What if I sell 1,000 books? I’ve made about $8,000 (after subtracting the cost of my book) which allows me to make more books and help more people. I’ve distributed a book that has helped at least 1,000 people provide for their families. And I’ve donated $5,000 towards a fund for their businesses. Many would say I have now graduated to being a “good person”.

What if I sell a million books? Now I’ve helped over a million people provide for their families and donated $5 Million.

But I also made $8 Million for myself. So what happens if I buy a nice Range Rover that costs me $80,000? That’s a small percentage of my income, so it’s similar to a blue collar worker buying a Honda Accord.

Is my “goodness” really relative to the amount of good I do? Or is it just tied to the amount of money people are comfortable with me making? When does my income negate my goodness? And how?

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