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Why do we say “Social Entrepreneur”?

I keep having this issue with the term “social entrepreneurialism”. I agree with the concept, and consider myself to be one of them. But the word “social” doesn’t seem to work for me. And why do we have to have a term for this anyway?

Shouldn’t your success as an entrepreneur be gauged on whether or not you are benefiting the lives of the people that work with/for you, as well as the amount of money you are able to make? Why has that part been left out? In my opinion, if you have a business that makes a lot of money off of the oppression and exploitation of others, you don’t really have a successful business. You’ve cheated.

So if we’re going to have to make a distinction from a regular entrepreneur, we should be calling it “ethical entrepreneurialism”. But what I’m really trying to achieve here is solidifying a new term for doing business in a way that helps build communities and enhance the lives of people, AND make a profit at the same time.

What about “impact entrepreneurialism”? Or “ubuntu business”. Maybe that’s what we should say. “We’re building ubuntu businesses; businesses that improve people’s lives.”

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