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This is a photo of my daughter, Saorise (now 7) at about 2 yrs in Masaai land (Maai Mahiu, Kenya) while visiting Cafe Ubuntu with my man Zane Wilemon of the Ubuntu brand. 

Your Life, Your Legacy

Mark your calendar for June 18th! 
My friend, Brenda Wright, has invited me to speak about crafting a Meaningful Legacy in her inspiring online Summit Series, YOUR LIFE, YOUR LEGACY!
Brenda asks some really thoughtful questions and I share some deeply personal reflections from over 20 years of philanthropy (and still going). 
I talk quite about Conscious Parenting, family, living deliberately and being love on my podcast, Noetic. That's about legacy. 
What's the story you're creating?
How do you want to show up?
What are you committed to cause? 
If you’re interested in hearing some moving stories and valuable insight from influencers living extraordinary lives, I think you’ll really appreciate this FREE webinar.

Value to You

You’ll experience over 16 captivating interviews with philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and others that have dedicated their lives to a life of meaning and deep connection. 
// Learn how these influencers have discovered their unique paths. 
// Hear beautiful stories of struggle, triumph, and transformation. 
// Receive insight on how to intentionally craft your own meaningful legacy. 
Beginning June 18th, you'll get exclusive access to watch an amazing gathering of some absolutely incredible people exploring what it means to live a legacy that matters. 
(Click the link and to see an introduction video from Brenda and to reserve your spot.)
I hope to see you there! 

* Each speaker video will be available for 72 hours after the 18th launch. 
** After the summit concludes, all of the speaker videos will be available for an additional 72 hours.

Inspire Yourself!

Each video is about 20 - 30 minutes.
Take some time to inspire yourself with these captivating stories of meaning and compassion. 

Reserve Your Spot!

(Click the link and to see an introduction video from Brenda and to reserve your spot.)

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