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Your Perspective is Who You Are

We all possess the ability to change the way we view the world, which in turn directs how we react to the world. Our perspective is who we are.

It is developed from our life experiences as well as our deliberate contributions and disciplines. From this we form habitual reactions, understandings and beliefs.

For those that have endured great tragedy or suffered through oppression, it requires a great deal of deliberate investment to alter their worldview.

The same is true of anyone striving for a deeper level of enlightenment and understanding, regardless of their life experiences.

Like a hungry animal, our perception ultimately reflects what we feed it most. The friends we choose, food we eat, places we live, media we consume and experiences we have are the elements that fuel our perspective. We can mold it, change it and hone it if we wish for it to change.

If we don’t like the way we react to something, we must go to the source and alter the way we view the situation. Why do I believe this way? Do I want to believe this way? What experience can I engage in that could alter my perception of this issue?

Our perspective is not always, or even naturally, a product of deliberate attention and discipline. But as soon as we know it is within our grasp, it can be.

Our character is largely determined by how we react to life. Our reactions are largely a reflection of the resolve of our perspective.

Our perspective will consume whatever we feed it. It’s within our control to determine who we become. Every moment of every day.


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  1. Kevin Miller on February 13, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    Stellar brother. I have a couple areas I’m trying to change my perception on currently. The primary one…my God. Next…myself. Both are equally daunting.

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