each of us is an amalgamation of the environments, experiences & human interactions we've encountered throughout our lives

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image from flavor paper - http://www.flavorpaper.com/wallpaper/leap-of-faith And So We Leap - We all know what it’s like to dream that life could be better. Some spend their lives dreaming, and never actualizing them. Others take big swings from time to time. Some are tormented by their lacks of courage to follow their dreams. And others are expert dream actualizers, always off to a manifesting the extraordinary. […]
ancient-trees-american-indian No Tree Is So Foolish -                               This is the essence of ubuntu. We are all connected, part of the same source energy. We must embrace this reality in order to find peace. Violence begets violence. Peace begets peace. The only person you can control is yourself. […]
perspective_bank The Year of Your Perspective Bank -   At our core, I believe each of us operates according to our perspective. Our beliefs, judgments, actions, inactions, fears, loves, desires and infatuations are founded in our perspective. Each of us has an perspective bank full of experiences that happened to us or that we specifically sought out. We don’t choose the environment we […]